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Thank you for enquiring about our SmartGuard Package. The SmartGuard Package is designed to make your life easier when it comes to your heating oil.


What you need to know…

  • Using our unique pricing calculator we will establish your annual consumption
  • Payments for your oil are divided into easy to mange 12 monthly installments
  • We will install a SmartGuard tank device so that we can monitor your oil level so you never have to worry about running out again
  • You will receive an auto-top up when your fuel level runs below 20%
  • You will have access to an app so that you can monitor your own usage, such as daily consumptions
  • You will automatically receive upgraded Premium Heating Oil
  • We will notify you 24hours before we come out with each Top-Up


What happens if I want to leave?

If for whatever reason you wish to leave within the first 24 months then you will be required to cover the cost of your Tank Monitoring Device which is £350 plus VAT. After 24 months you can choose to leave with no exit fees.

The United Fuels Smart Guard is a cost effective fuel tank level monitor and alarm for heating oil and diesel storage tanks. The technology is an offshoot of our professional range of probes and developed as a defense against the rising level of fuel theft. Smartguard allows us to offer a combined fuel tank monitor and fuel tank theft alarm to heating oil users.

The SmartGuard is designed, built and supported in the UK to ensure quality.

Should a tanks fuel level fall because of theft or a bad leak the unit sends an alarm text message to the tank owner. At the same time data is sent to the internet and alarms are emailed to further recipients.

The tanks daily readings are also transmitted to the internet periodically, so that graphs of usage and a degree day estimated of run out date can be viewed, allowing for more fuel to be ordered in time. Even if you forget to view the data, an automatic email is sent to let you know your getting low.

By experimenting with ‘a virtual’ thermostat online you can instantly see the effect of turning it up or down a few degrees on your heating oil consumption.

To enquire about the United Fuels Smart Guard and associated packages please call a member of our team on 01756 691222

Why choose United Fuels?

  • Our price guarantee to you,
    we won’t be beaten.

    We believe in keeping your domestic home heating oil prices down! If you are able to provide us with a genuine like for like quotation we will match the price!

  • Proud to be local and

    We may be small in size but we are BIG when it comes to knowing what our customers want. We believe that our local knowledge combined with our high level of customer service ensures that we deliver to our customer’s expectations every time.

  • Easy online domestic
    ordering system

    Our domestic customers can enjoy our easy online ordering system which gives you an instant online heating oil price. We aim on providing a competitive heating oil price by grouping orders together which also reduces our Carbon Foot Print

  • We do our bit for
    the environment

    At United Fuels and Lubricants we are keen on protecting the environment! To do this, we group our domestic heating oil orders together to send our trucks out full. This reduces the vehicle miles and toxic co2 emissions.

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