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More and more people and businesses are recognising the benefit of biodiesel, both for the environment and for their budgets.

Motorists filling up with diesel at service stations up and down the country are now used to buying fuel which contains up to 7 per cent biodiesel. That’s the result of EU and UK government policies which require a percentage of all transport fuel sold in the UK to come from renewable sources.

The blend of 7 per cent biodiesel to 93 per cent mineral diesel means that no changes are required to the logistics of the fuel supply chain or to vehicle engines.
More and more people and businesses are recognising the benefit of biodiesel, both for the environment and for their budgets as filling up on renewable fuel can be cheaper and deliver improved miles per gallon

After very successful trials a number of fleets now run on 100 percent of biodiesel in place of standard diesel to achieve huge carbon savings from their transport.
In between, there’s increasing interest in high percentage blends. For bus and truck operators 20 to 30 per cent biodiesel (B20 to B30) is often optimum for ease of use, carbon reduction and for the economic benefits that come from improved miles per gallon.

Whatever your requirements, we can help you choose the ideal blend to maximise carbon reduction, fuel efficiency and ease of use.

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    We believe in keeping your domestic home heating oil prices down! If you are able to provide us with a genuine like for like quotation we will match the price!

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    We may be small in size but we are BIG when it comes to knowing what our customers want. We believe that our local knowledge combined with our high level of customer service ensures that we deliver to our customer’s expectations every time.

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    Our domestic customers can enjoy our easy online ordering system which gives you an instant online heating oil price. We aim on providing a competitive heating oil price by grouping orders together which also reduces our Carbon Foot Print

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    At United Fuels and Lubricants we are keen on protecting the environment! To do this, we group our domestic heating oil orders together to send our trucks out full. This reduces the vehicle miles and toxic co2 emissions.

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